Case Studies

Digital Marketing Agency In The Medical Niche (White Label Case Study)

  • Generated $28.2 million in sales
  • Increased sales by $12.9 million YOY
  • Manage $5.46 million in ad spend
  • Developed client relationships to reduce turnover
  • Saved clients $633,000 in ad spend
  • built a successful digital ads strategy that produces results

Our client is a well established and successful digital marketing agency that specializes in health care related advertising. Their main product offering is web design, SEO, local listing management and reputation management. They came to us to help them build out a PPC product offering to increase revenue and provide more services to their new and existing clients. Our team single handedly took over their entire PPC operation, systemized onboarding, ads account management and reporting. Our ability to streamline processes and optimize ad campaigns are at the core of how we were able to help this client succeed. They have been able to grow their PPC client base to over 100 accounts and ad hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line.

  • Saved client 40% on advertising costs
  • Increased leads by 261% in 30 days
  • Resolved tracking and attribution problems
  • Reduced cost per lead from $600 to $198 in 30 days
  • Successfully managed campaigns in the US and Canada
  • Acted as entire marketing department

Intelligent Office is a business services and consulting company that helps small companies run more intelligently, efficiently and profitably with with virtual office solutions. We were brought on by the newly hired President to fix their online client acquisition and help them hit their aggressive revenue growth goals.After our initial audit we were able to slash their existing ads budget by 40% to hep fund growth in other areas. We fixed their analytics and attribution to help them know exactly where their new customers were coming from and improved their landing page conversion rate 167%.

  • Revived Stagnated sales and Global ROAS
  • Used Google Ads to increase awareness and sales
  • Established online presence
  • Scaled business from$1k to $10k per month in 30 days

Utilizing Google ads campaigns we were able to revive sales and improve Global ROAS for Ready Project. We boosted ROAS from less than 1:1 to 4.75:1 while scaling from $1,000 per month to $10,000 per month in revenue. This growth allowed us to expand our marketing mix and double sales again in record time.
Once we had established a revenue stream we looked to conversion rate optimization, affiliates and Facebook ads to continue growth and to incorporate retargeting. These efforts combined with our efforts in Google ads resulted in continued growth and improved profitability.

  • Successfully Launched Brand and proved the product was viable
  • Achieved and Maintained high ROAS Levels
  • Scaled business aggressively ($0 to $40k/month in 3 months

PortaWell developed an innovative product that had not been seen in their market segment before. It was imperative to find if the product was viable and how quickly we could grow sales for this company.We designed and launched a website, determined a profitable ROAS goal would be 3.5:1 and that there was solid interest in the new product. Focusing on Facebook, email and affiliate marketing the grew the brand from $0 to over $40k per month in less than 3 months while achieving an average 7.5:1 Global ROAS.

  • Increased Global ROAS Levels
  • Increased Sales Revenue 40% YOY
  • Launched Product Line Expansions Quarterly

Everyman changed ownership in 201 and they came to us looking to increase profitability and sales growth. We began by heavily using Facebook and Google ads to quickly generate sales revenue and control costs. We were able to hit nearly 6:1 Global ROAS in Q4 of 2020 even in the midst of a pandemic (up from a 2.32:1 Global ROAS in 2019). The increased profits and revenue enabled Everyman to continue to invest in new products to add to its line up.Leveraging an ever growing email group, Facebook ads, Google ads, and Affiliate marketing campaigns we launched new product lines, engaged existing customers and continued to grow sales revenue in 2021. In 2021 we were able to achieve 40% growth YOY from 2020.

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